Read aloud time in my class is my favorite time of day. I love to get all my students on the floor, having them gaze up, and listen to the stories I read. During my first year of teaching, I had no idea what to read to my students. After many workshops and talking to co-workers, I have come across a few favorites that I can not go a school year without reading.

I love seeing students get excited about what they are reading. I had a hard time learning to read, and remember not being able to put down the books I was reading once it finally clicked. I quickly became that kid that would walk around with a book in my face. One time I was so into a book, and my mom was trying to get us out the door to run some errands. She yelled at me to put the book down and get in the car because I wasn’t moving fast enough.

I know from time to time I get a kid who hates reading, or thinks they can’t. I try to find books that inspire them to pick it up and want it to never end.

Every year I tell myself I am going to read more for myself, but it is always hard to find the time to do that. I usually get at least one or two books to read for myself each year, but am lucky enough to enjoy books all throughout the work day. My favorite types of books include children’s books, so it works out in my favor. One of my favorite read aloud books is the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. I would recommend this book to any reader.


Wonder is an AMAZING story about a 10 year old boy with a face deformation. His parents decide to enroll him in school for the first time, after being homeschooled his whole life. This is a favorite of mine to share with my students for many reasons, it brings up bullying, tough family situations, loss of family and pets, friendships, loyalty, empathy, and compassion for others. Not only does it have some very important life lessons that at times makes myself and my students cry, it also makes us laugh. I find kids in class that can relate, or want to be friends with the main character Auggie.

I first read this book 3 years ago to a class that I was having many issues with. They were very mean to each other, they took every chance they got to put someone else down. This book opened up many talking points for my class, and after reading I saw changes in their behaviors. I saw more compassion between them and even was surprised by some of the things that they did for each other when they knew someone else was going through a difficult time at home.


After that year, I told myself that I would not go a year without reading this story. It is definitely a difficult read for students to understand at times, and takes quiet a bit of time to get through, but it is also the book that my students beg for me to keep reading just one more page, or they sigh when I put it down for the day. They cheer when I pick it up and are excited because they know it is time for read aloud.

The greatest thing about this book is there is another one after it. I never read it to my students, but have had past students beg their parents to purchase it and then read it within 2 weeks. That is always my end goal with a read aloud, to get them so excited they are dying to hear more or find out what happens next.

My mom is an active reader, and I made her read it last summer. After the first day she text me saying, “I don’t know how you read this to your class. So far I have already cried and laughed so hard I couldn’t control myself.” I told her to keep reading because it has such a great ending. You can purchase the book below at the amazon link.


Buy the book here!

This is book will soon be a major motion picture staring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and a new favorite of mine Jacob Tremblay. I would highly suggest reading this book before it hits theaters. It is an amazing book for both children and adults!




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