Ashley and I just took an amazing trip to Texas with our cousin Katie to visit our other cousin Stacy. Stacy moved to Texas about 4 years ago to work as a nurse. While there she met the love of her life, Kyle. After getting married in 2015, they were surprised to find out they were pregnant with twins in 2016. Twins do not run in our family, so it was a shock to everyone. Katie and I were able to make a trip to Texas back in October for the gender reveal, where we found out that Stacy and Kyle would be having an adorable little boy and a sweet little girl. We knew that we wouldn’t be able to stay away too long since the birth, so we decided to head out to Texas during my spring break.

Katie is a planner and loves to find places to try out. Ashley and I had only been through Dallas when traveling to see Stacy in the past, so Katie thought we should stay the night in Dallas the first night to explore the town.

We love kicking up our boots, so we decided to stay close to Cowboys Red River. Gas Monkey was on the list for dinner and boy was it worth it! All of us loved what we ordered. The decor inside was great and so was the atmosphere. They also had this great gift shop where you could buy mementos.

After dinner we headed over to Cowboys where we were given a free entry, a free round of drinks, and a free bull ride because it was my birthday month! Whoo Hoo! If you have never been to Texas, this is a must see place just to watch the dancing!

The next morning, we headed to Tyler, Texas. We couldn’t wait to get there and smooch on Levi and Mackenzie. After lots of snuggles, we took Stacy out for her first time since having the babies. Stacy needed a break, and this way we got some quality girl time. Thanks to Katie, our day was filled with tons of fun.

Katie’s goal was to hit a bunch of places Stacy had never been, all while getting our drinking and grub on! We started at The Grove. This place was adorable! We got a later started then planned, so we ended up grabbing drinks and apps at the Smoke Shack (connected to The Grove Kitchen and Garden) instead, but this did not disappoint. Make sure to order the nachos! Walking in we were amazed with the adorable chic decor. This was a great start to our day and once we had a drink and some food, we headed to Lindale, TX.

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All four of us are huge fans of Miranda Lambert and LOVE heading to her store Pink Pistol in Lindale, which is about 20 minutes away from Tyler. Not only does she have an amazing store, she does wine tasting. To our surprise Santa (Tom) picked us up and drove us that way. He was such a fun guy and made the trip that much more fun! He told us we would have NO problem getting a Lyft ride back, just to call 20 minutes in advance, since it takes time to get there. Wine tasting in the store was a blast, not only are the staff personable, the decor is great to look at as well.

img_8788The Pink Pistol is connected to a restaurant/bar called Love and War in Texas, so after we were done shopping and wine tasting we headed over for a drink. This place has a stage for bands to play, and they were getting ready for one later that night. The owner claimed Miranda was supposed to be stopping in later that night, but we didn’t really know if we believed him. πŸ™‚ We tried to get a Lyft, but found we were stranded and no Lyft drivers were available. We tried for over 30 minutes, until Katie had a brilliant idea to contact Santa though the lost and found section.  Luckily we got ahold of him and he came to our rescue! He definitely was a saint. πŸ™‚

Once Santa picked us up, we headed back to Tyler to Cork.Food.Drink. This wine bar had an asian twist to it. Here we shared appetizers and drinks. Ashley and Katie took part in a tequila flight. Stacy also tried her first oyster here! When we walked in it was a little dead, but slowly was picking up. Once we finished up our drinks and appetizers, we headed to our last stop of the night, Rick’s on the Square.

Unfortunately there was a cover to enter Rick’s, but it was worth it! They had a great band playing, Live 5. Here we continued the party with some drinks and dancing. Live 5 played some great cover songs of all genres. Our server was great and was on top of our drink orders. When we were finally ready to head home, Katie called a Lyft and to our surprise, Santa was back again to take us home! We accomplished our goal of getting Stacy out of the house and having a blast. It was a great start to our stay in Tyler.

If you ever head to Texas, I would highly recommend any of these spots for a great time!

The next day was Easter, and we headed out to Kyle’s parents house in Big Sandy. This was the first time Ashley and I had been to their property, and we were both amazed. The beautiful 25 acres had a barn house, main house, river house, lake, and river access. Kyle’s parents were so nice to welcome us with open arms. Marsha cooked delicious Shrimp BBQ for dinner with Bread Pudding for dessert. The day was filled with memories of the twins first Easter.

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Easter2017.jpgThe next few days were spent relaxing and helping out with the twins. We were able to take both twins one night, so Stacy and Kyle could get some much needed sleep. We also sent them out on a date night.


Saying goodbye was hard, but we are looking forward to seeing Stacy, Kyle, and the twins in October when they make their way to California. Hopefully we will be able to make our way back to Texas soon after that!




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