Hi all! I’ve been MIA lately because my husband I have been working on a big home remodel project. For the past couple of weeks and weekends, our time has been filled with this exciting project!

When my husband and I purchased our house about 2 years ago, we always knew that we wanted to make home improvements to turn it into ours and make it more of a home.

Lately it has been pouring rain in California, so it was the perfect time to begin work on a huge indoor project of ours. Thankfully with the wonderful help of my mom and dad, we have been able to successfully complete this project in just a couple of weekends.

Since moving in, we redesigned our front yard and painted all of our rooms a new color to match our furniture and decor.  Our next thing on our list was to pull out the carpet in the entire house and replace it with wood laminate.

We first started by researching and getting samples from several different local flooring companies in the area. We decided to buy our flooring in bulk from Flooring Liquidators in Sacramento. They have several chains located in California.

When choosing a color for the floor, my husband and I both were wanting something different. We went and picked out several different samples and brought them home to hold up next to our tile. We were not wanting to change our tile in our kitchen and bathrooms, so we wanted a floor color that would bring the look of the whole house together.

After hours of debating and many samples, we both decided on a style that we loved, Old Mill RL. We then narrowed it down to the Country Store color. We loved that it had a rustic look with bits of light and dark in the wood. When we finally settled on a style and color, we went to Flooring Liquidators to make our purchase. We loved working with them. They worked with us on price, and ended up dropping the original price down by $0.17 a square foot.

As far as other supplies we needed, I found a great website called Houzz.com. They had a 900 sq. ft roll of underlayment foam padding for only $99. Typically at your local home improvement stores the foam goes for about $30-$50 per 100 sq. ft, so I was very pleased with this great deal!

We broke the project up into different sections, and decided to start in the living room. Our living room took us two whole days. My dad and husband took charge of the measuring, sawing, and placing of each board. My mom and I helped supervise and repainted the baseboards.







After the first weekend, we tackled our master bedroom and hallway. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the final product and I was excited to finally complete the decor in our master bedroom.




For my birthday this year my parents gave me a canvas of our wedding day. Taken by the amazing Carrie Ayn Photography. 



Check out these amazing paper flowers my mom made.


We are so happy with how our flooring turned out and can’t wait to get started on our next home project!